Friday, November 9, 2007

Jacob Böhme’s Way into the World

Just published in connection with the Jubilee Symposium of the Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica:

Jacob Böhmes Weg in die Welt: Zur Geschichte der Handschriftensammlung, Übersetzungen und Editionen von Abraham Willemsz van Beyerland (Jacob Böhme’s Way into the World: On the History of the Manuscript Collection, Translations, and Editions of Abraham Willemsz van Beyerland). Edited by Theodor Harmsen and published by In de Pelikaan, Amsterdam.

Apart from the extensive documentary part, the volume contains fourteen articles, most of which are of considerable scholarly interest.

Translated into English, they are as follows:
  • Joost R. Ritman, "The Vision of Jacob Böhme"
  • Carlos Gilly, "On the History and Transmission of Jacob Böhme’s manuscripts"
  • Gerhard Wehr, "Jacob Böhme, Life and Work"
  • Carlos Gilly, "Ways of Transmission of Jacob Böhme’s writings in Germany and the Netherlands"
  • Carlos Gilly, "On the Emergence and Influence of Abraham Willemsz van Beyerland’s Manuscript Collection"
  • Frank van Lamoen, "With the Eyes of the Spirit: Backgrounds to the Translations of Abraham Willemsz van Beyerland"
  • Govert Snoek, "Abraham van Beyerland’s Library according to his Widow’s Inventory"
  • José Bouman & Frank van Lamoen, "Beyerland’s Manuscripts owned by Willem Gozewijn Huygens"
  • Frans A. Janssen, "The First Edition of Böhme’s Collected Works 1682"
  • Frank van Lamoen, "The Unknown Illustrator: Michael Andreae"
  • José Bouman & Frans A. Janssen, "Mercurius Teutonicus in Amsterdam"
  • Carlos Gilly, "On the History of Abraham van Franckenberg’s Böhme Biographies"
  • Günther Bonheim, "Johann Wilhelm Überfeld and the Community of the Angelic Brethren and Sisters"
  • Matthias Wenzel, "The Fate of the Linz Böhme Archive from 1941 to the Present"

Wouter J. Hanegraaff

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