Thursday, June 24, 2010

Call for Faculty

Phoenix Rising Academy of Esoteric Studies and Creative Arts
( is a new independent, distance-learning academic initiative based in Athens and London. It is preparing to launch in the autumn-winter of 2010, and is seeking academic faculty for specific subjects in its curriculum:

- History & Principles of Magic (Antiquity - Early Modern, and Modern periods)
- History & Principles of Kabbalah (Antiquity - Early Modern, and Modern periods)
- Myth (selected topics)
- Freemasonry & Rosicrucianism (History, phenomenology)
- "Schools of Magic" (Golden Dawn, Thelema, etc: History, principles, phenomenology)
- Romanticism (History, principles, art and literature)
- Surrealism (History, principles, art and literature)
- New Age movement (history, phenomenology)
- Esotericism in the 21st century (historical background, influences, phenomenology)

Founding faculty members comprise scholars affiliated with the Universities of Kent, Exeter, Oxford and Indianapolis. The cross-disciplinary curriculum seeks to cover a wide range of topics within the Western Esoteric corpus, while it also extends into Philosophy and the Arts. The course structure is based on a flexible model which allows students to complete a full programme of study equivalent to a BA (accreditation will be sought from the ODLQC - the British distance-learning accreditation council), and also offers the freedom to select specific courses or modules. The academy will offer selected onsite courses in Athens, Greece, while the majority of courses will be offered online.

The Academy's structure and technical infrastructure allows faculty members to be situated anywhere in the world. Academic and/or scholarly excellence is a main criterion for proposal submissons, as is teaching experience, publications, familiarity with technology, and a working knowledge of English (or Modern Greek, or French).
For more information visit Submit a proposal using the online form at, or by writing to Deadline for drafts: July 15th 2010 (deadline for draft course submissions: August 10th 2010).

ASE update

The Association for the Study of Esotericism. is continuing with the third volume of it's book series, Esotericism, Religion, and Politics.
There is a new membership menu up at, including an offer to new members to receive a free copy of the book. (ASE now has permanent 501c3 status as a non-profit organization, so all contributions are tax-deductible in the United States). ASE is expanding the website, adding an updated announcements section, and a newsletter. If you have announcements, including forthcoming or recently published books, or events, please send them to
A student worker is assisting with ASE matters, in particular with the new website. A meeting room is reserved during the AAR conference in Atlanta, and ASE will be holding a symposium there in late October 2010, with a focus on esotericism in the academy.