Monday, October 1, 2007


Giovanna Costantini posted a comment to an earlier post which included the sentence

As an Art Historian, I would be interested in identifying others within my discipline working internationally on subjects related to esotericism and in a sub-affiliation/listserv of such scholars.
Would any others be interested? In Art history or in any other discipline/sub-field of the study of Western esotericism? Please reply by comment to this post.


Oluwatoyin Vincent Adepoju said...

These links could be relevant:

The proposal writer's email address is at

Sasha Chaitow said...

I'm afraid I just stumbled on this comment, however I thought I should wave a flag. I am not an art historian, but an artist; I am in my second year on the Exeter MA in Western Esotericism and most interested in looking at patterns and currents of influence between 'esoterically related art and symbolism' in its relation to the'mainstream' art of the Renaissance. I am more or less permanently based in Athens, Greece. Please do make contact if there are any ideas you would like to share or discuss.